Controller – Overview

I am attempting to build my aquarium controller using a RaspberryPi computer as the brains of the controller. I will be using Python for the programming language.

Objective: To automate a home aquarium so that it can be left alone for 2 to 4 weeks (maximum) without regular human intervention.

Areas of focus (prioritized by most useful in the near term to least useful in the long term):

Phase 1:
1) Light system management
2) Fertilizer management
3) CO2 system management
4) Web interface

Phase 2:
5) Water-flow management (in-tank)
6) Temperature management (may want to consider adding in chillers)
7) Automated water exchange system
8) Automated feeding system

Projects that inspired my attempt

1RaspberryPi DIYWell documented effort, true RaspberryPi controller which was programmed in C
2Arduino based DIYPrimary hardware used by most aquarium controller DIY'ers it seems. Provides good hardware ideas and is a well rounded project.
3iAqua - ArduinoTop notch GUI. This was the first DIY post that got me interested in creating my own controller.
4Touchscreen ArduinoSimilar to iAqua above, it provides another quality GUI and touchscreen approach to Arduino.
Here are links to the other DIY aquarium controllers that I found interesting.